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For the imagination of some men is so vivid that they think they see actual figures and appearances which are but the reflection of their thoughts, and then these are believed to be the apparitions of evil spirits or even the spectres of witches.
— Malleus Malleficarum
  • 25 minutes

  • 4 female identifying dancers

  • Original music composed by Nicholas Black


Hot Blood is a synthesis of old and new. A merging of the past and the present. The unchanging and the unyielding. Witches are embedded in the mythologies of cultures all around the world. In some communities, they are healers. More often they are believed to be the tool of evil. In almost all cases they are women, filled with supernatural power, often gained from some sexual exchange with the devil. Masters of disguise, their human form can manifest as an old hag, and young beautiful maiden, a lonely isolated woman, or a seductress. Their abilities range from flight, to spreading disease, to rendering men impotent. They are hunted, tortured, murdered by their communities.

For many women, the histories of the hunters and the hunted feel very distant. But the stain of those collective beliefs permeate the fabric of our present day culture. Hot Blood is physical reckoning with the history of violence against women, our present day oppression, and a reclamation of power. It is a 21st century feminine scream for the ages.